The First Virtual Reality DJ School

UX Designer
Nov 2017 - Oct 2018
Researching and designing with a focus on narrative, 3D space, and teaching skills that extend beyond VR.


When I met the guys at Tribe, they had a solid MVP but needed to develop a roadmap that balanced strategy and product features with user goals and available resources.

This research had three main objectives: better understand the users’ expectations/wants/desires and mental models for DJ/VR education, translate that psychological data into actionable product insights, and identify areas of concern and opportunity.


Research began with a demo workshop of 20 users. This fostered a collaborative environment for users to provide feedback and share insights, which helped me to establish a baseline.

Next was a more rigorous set of usability tests. The usability issues were relatively minor, but it became apparent that users were confused as to whether the experience was a game or an educational experience, and unsatisfied due to its incompleteness in both these areas.

To explore what would make the experience feel more complete, I conducted in-depth interviews with 10 more users. Through mapping their mental models, I identified their overlapping concerns and desires, and provided Tribe with a set of actionable insights to better align their product to the user.


The research I conducted was successful in providing Tribe with a data-backed product roadmap where previously there was none. This has helped strategically position the team and the product in the all-important quest for investment. VR development isn't cheap!

Excerpts From My Research

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